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Job Woes and an Editor's Passing

Yesterday was a rough day. Out of the blue, my job at the Music Academy is gone. The only reason I even got a job there or was looking for a job in the first place is because G and I are trying to raise extra money for our wedding. Some people think it's ridiculous that we don't take money out of savings to pay for it, but there's something fun about working hard to make that money without taking out loans or anything. With my paycheck from September only days away from coming in, I was getting ready to book our plane tickets, pay for our hotel room, and put a deposit on our wedding chapel... all from "extra" money made through extra teaching jobs or Everquest II or adsense. Unfortunately, it seems that I've been completely screwed by the Music Academy. Not only did I lose my job, I am also not getting paid for all the hours I worked in September. Basically, after buying teaching books that I had to have, I paid them to let me work there for two months. It sucks.

I also found out the terrible news that Kensington Editor, Kate Duffy, passed away. She was only 56, and she was well known for being one of the best editors in the business. She was also the first editor I ever sent my writing to. Brava, the line she created at Kensington, publishes Novellas, so after they ran a novella contest that I didn't place in, I decided to write another one and send it to her. About a month later, she responded to me in a personal rejection letter saying that she thought I had potential and that she enjoyed my novella, but since she recently purchased a novel with a similar story line, she was going to pass on the project. She also asked for me to send more to her in the future. I never did. She died of cancer on Sunday in New York. My heart sincerely goes out to the Kensington family. All the authors and editors who worked with her must surely be heartbroken right now.

Yesterday was rough, but today will surely be better. I need to start working on my resume and looking for other jobs that I can possibly get and make money with before the wedding. I need to keep up my exercise that has been going very well so far this week. And I need to work extra hard on getting my Desire manuscript through this second draft process so that I can send it out. Today will be a better day.


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