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Flea Market Crafts

This weekend G and I are taking the leap... we are taking some of my hand-made crafts to the flea market! In a desperate attempt to make more money, G and I have been working on various craft projects and cleaning out our closets. On the craft side of things, we have been painting wooden letters that my father cut out with his machine (don't ask me what it's called). Also, I have hand-painted flower pots, beaded jewelry, and decorated clipboards to sell. Of course, I have NO CLUE what to charge, especially at a flea market where people are looking for deals... but I'm sure we'll figure it out after some trial and error. On the other hand, we also have some 'yard sale' type castaway items like a quilt and some used books to sell.

In some ways, this is a scouting mission. We're taking small quantities of lots of different types of things out there to see what garners the most attention and sales. The fee to buy a space for the day is $20, so the goal is obviously that we make at least that back so we don't lose money. The hope is that we make $100 or more, which would rock. It's scary to be trying something new and putting yourself out there. What if we don't sell anything? I guess the worst that can happen is that we wasted time and a little bit of money on some products and we had a different and hopefully interesting day of people watching at the flea market.

Either way, it's exciting to be trying out new ideas that we can work on together to pay for the wedding. If this works out and we do make a decent amount of cash, we'll probably be making a lot more of whatever product sold the most and then going back out to the flea market and selling online as well if we can. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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