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So Close

At this point, I am less than 7,000 words away from finishing my manuscript for Silhouette Desire! That basically means one good day of writing (well, one best day) or at the most, two days. By tomorrow afternoon, I should be revising and reading through the finished manuscript. I can hardly believe it! Even though I technically finished a version of this a few months ago, it needed some serious help. After I sort of reworked the plot, the story changed significantly and even though I was able to use a lot of what was already written, I still had to completely re-write most of the novel.

With that being said, this version is still kind of like a first draft. There are lots of errors and it doesn't read as smooth as it needs to. Also, the dialog is certainly lacking (my weakest skill for sure). BUT - it will be finished. The revising is the easier part for me. It's the initial getting the story down that is so tough. It's the working out the plot part that seems impossible.

I have been working as a writer for about two years, but I didn't really start to find my way until I joined RWA last Christmas. There, at the Christmas Party, I met two women who asked me to be a part of their critique group, and that decision changed my life. In January we started meeting, and sometime in February or March is when I decided to write this book for Silhouette Desire. That means I have been working on this manuscript of and on for something like eight months. It will feel so amazing to have it complete and sent to New York to learn its fate. Also, I can't wait to start on my next project! Hopefully Monday, I'll be able to write that the book is finished and the revisions are either done or close! Have a good weekend everyone!


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