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Kanye West is a Tool

Kanye West has done it again. His tirade a few years back about how a black man can never get a chance turned me off on him first, but last night's VMA's solidifies him as one of the rudest, most self-centered assholes in the world of celebrity. If you haven't heard about it, I'll give you the short rundown.

Taylor Swift, 19 year old crossover artist who is loved by millions, won the first award of the night - Best Female Video. She was up against Beyonce and others, and I guess Kanye West took it personally that Beyonce didn't win. When Taylor was accepting her award, Kanye got up on the stage and took away her moment of glory, shouting that Beyonce's video was the best video of the decade. What kind of asshole does that? I mean, write it on your blog if you want to, but don't take away her moment! These are fan-voted awards. Kanye can love whoever's video he wants, but if the fans love Taylor Swift, he can kiss her ass.

I sigh when I say, I think Kanye has a serious problem with white people. Or at least with black people not getting something he thinks they should and a white person getting it instead. A few years ago, he was angry because he thought he should have been asked to perform "stronger" as the opening song and they asked Britney instead. He called her all kinds of names backstage and shouted how they "never give a black man a chance." I wanted to scream at him! Music was one of the first venues where black people in this country really were given a chance. Choosing Britney had nothing to do with black and white.... and everything to do with her being a HUGE publicity magnet. If Kanye had been doing crazy things like Britney was at the time, maybe he would have had more of a chance.

This time, his tirade wasn't even about HIM. It was about Beyonce. If I were her, I'd ream him (or get my hubby to do it for me) for even associating my good name with his racist, selfish bullshit. Luckily for her, she did win Best Overall Video later in the evening (without Kanye's help, as he was kicked from the awards early and told not to come back), and she brought Swift back onstage to finish her acceptance speech. Applause for her for not jumping on the Kanye bandwagon and choosing to be a gracious loser instead. Overall, she was a winner anyway just by how many nominations she received and how many albums she has sold this year. Kanye just never wants to give a white man a chance. Or white girl anyway.


Buffy D September 14, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

You have to love the Beyonce handled that. She showed that she has class and respect for her fellow musicians. He has no respect for anyone. His music sucks too.

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