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Amazing Race Picks

The third and final reality TV show that my sister and I watch and bet on our favorites is The Amazing Race. Out of all of the reality shows out there, this is the one that I would most like to be on, but I have never actually applied. Maybe G and I will try to get on at some point? We'll see. Maybe my sister and I should do it :P.

Anyway, since I've already put our picks for The Biggest Loser and Survivor up there (and, might I say, all our picks are still in the competition at this point, which is great), I thought I should continue with the final show.

Her picks:
Maria and Tiffany. Professional poker players and all-around hotties who comprise this season's only all-female team. Given their profession and their looks, this team is expected to go far.

My picks:
Sam and Dan. The token gay guys. It always seems like they try to diversify on this show, but from season to season, they have to have someone who is gay. So this time, it's brothers Sam and Dan. I'm really rooting for them. Their down-to-earth attitudes and their likeable personalities might take them a long way in this game.

The Amazing Race kicks of Sunday night, and on a recent commercial, I saw that one team supposedly gets kicked off at the starting line?? How is that even possible? And how much would that completely suck?? To get all the way through the auditions and everything and then get ready to go on this race around the world... then never leave the starting line? You would have to do something incredibly wrong and stupid to get kicked off that early. My vote? The yoga couple goes nude and gets booted from the game. What do you think? Just as long as it isn't Sam and Dan, I'm happy :).


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