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Sex and The City 2 Filming!!

Yay! The first images of SATC 2 are starting to explode across the internet, and I can't wait to see more! Carrie Bradshaw is the only one spotted so far, and man does she look HOT. Wearing Christian Louboutin gold sparkle heels that cost more than my engagement ring, Carrie was seen sauntering down an NYC sidewalk.
So far the biggest gossip going around is that even though Mr. Big has been seen during filming, there have also been scenes where Carrie is not wearing a wedding ring. Personally, that has been the main thing on my mind as well. To finally see them get together and get married after so many years, I will definitely be sad if something happens to break them up. I was hoping this movie might concentrate more on Carrie becoming a mother for the first time or something along those lines. Of course, I know there has to be trials and struggles, but do we really have to see Carrie and Big break up? I hope not! The other buzz is that a former Mr. Croatia has been cast to play one of Samantha's love interests in the film. In his picture, he looks to be about 24 years old, so you go Sam :P

In some ways, I am scared of what a second movie might bring to our girls, but in other ways, I just want to see them again. They are my old friends, and whenever we are apart, I miss them. Watching them go through more heartache won't be easy, but in the capable hands of Michael Patrick King, I am sure the movie will be well worth the wait. It is slated to come out in May 2010.


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