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Beautiful Demons: My First Novel is Out Now!

Haven't blogged here in a while, but this news is BIG. My first published novel is available now! BEAUTIFUL DEMONS is the first book in the Peachville High Demons series. All together, I am planning five books in the series. The second book, INNER DEMONS, is my NaNo WriMo 2010 project. If you don't know what NaNo is, it's National Novel Writing Month where thousands of writers across the globe pledge to write 50,000 words in a single month. It starts tomorrow night at midnight, and I can't wait! If you want to add me as a buddy, my user name there is sarramaria.

Now, back to my book! I made the decision to self-publish at the end of the summer, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of promotion and marketing, but I'm ready for the challenge. Please check out my book, which is available for only $0.99 in the Kindle store and at Smashwords. (and just waiting for approval in the Barnes & Noble store!)

Here is a brief description:

Harper Madison isn't like other girls. She has extraordinary powers, but her inability to control them has gotten her kicked from so many foster homes she's lost count. Shadowford Home is her last chance, and she hopes Peachville High will be the fresh start she needs. But when evidence ties her to the gruesome murder of a Demons cheerleader, Harper discovers this small town has a big secret.

Beautiful Demons is a young adult fantasy with a dose of romance. It is available for purchase at the following online retailers:

Note: Remember, you do not need an ereader to buy and read an ebook! Both Kindle and B&N's Nook have free apps for PC and Mac. You can also download Adobe Digital Editions to read books in epub and PDF format, which are available in the Smashwords store. Thank you for your support!

Sarra Cannon

Young Adult Indie Author

I always secretly wanted to be a cheerleader. And a witch. Now, I write about both. The first five novels in my Peachville High Demons Young Adult Paranormal series are available now in ebook!

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