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Survivor: Samoa Picks

Like I said earlier this week, my sister and I are making our picks for who we think will win our favorite reality tv shows this season. Is it crazy that I get excited about these shows starting up again? The summer felt like it was missing something without any really good reality tv (save for a really nice season of So You Think You Can Dance, of course). Okay, so yes, I know it's crazy, but it's my guilty pleasure and I love it.

With that being said, my sister called earlier this week to say that her pick for Survivor this season is "the cute young black guy". I have to assume that she means Jaison (not pronounced Jay-son like you think, but apparently Jay-sawn mmm-kay):
A 28 year old working on his law degree, Jasion is well-spoken and seems to know the secrets to a successful first few days on Survivor: don't annoy anyone or give them a reason to target you right from the start.

My pick? It's been a tough choice, honestly. Last season, we all know how poorly I chose on biggest loser... and my survivor pick wasn't much better. I first picked Sierra and she was practically the first voted off, but when we saw she was sick on the first episode, Buffy D (my sis) gave me the choice of someone else, and I forget the name of the girl I picked (Sydney maybe?) but she went not too far into the season. Here's hoping I don't choose the first person voted out this year. For a while, I was waffling between Erik and Elizabeth. I think they both seem cunning and smart enough to hang back and blend in until it's time to start making some moves. Then, read an article where Elizabeth claims that the people on the show with her were racist, and she immediately went out of my picks. Seriously? Playing the race card on survivor? I will have to see it to believe it. So, that leaves me with Erik.

He's a 28 year old bartender who has dual degrees in sociology and psychology from Pepperdine. He's studied past successful Survivors to see what they did right and what they did wrong. Hopefully he will be a good choice for me! Go Erik!

Survivor: Samoa is the 19th season of Survivor, and premieres tonight on CBS.


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