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Reality TV Picks

Every time one of our most favorite reality shows begins, my sister and I choose the person or team we think will win the whole thing. We don't even wait for the first episode to air, we simply go online and look at the character's videos or biographies, then choose the person we think most likely to win. We always say we're going to put money on it, but so far that really hasn't been the focus. I think it's more about the bragging rights than anything else. Here are the shows we are watching and choosing from this Fall:

Tonight is the premiere of The Biggest Loser, so my sister called to give me her pick:
Abby Rike, a 34 year old teacher whose heartbreaking story of losing her husband, 5 year old daughter and her newborn son to a head-on collision just 3 years ago is sure to bring every viewer to tears at least once an episode. Despite her pain, she seems to have an amazing attitude and the strength to do anything she sets her mind to. God Bless her if she gets Jillian for a trainer, cause Jillian won't baby her the way Bob would. Just FYI, last season, my sister picked Tara, the runner-up and possibly the most awesome Biggest Loser contestant of all time. I think she's got a good pick again this season.

My pick:
Daniel Wright, a contestant from last season who was officially named the heaviest contestant of all time. From what I hear, there is a woman who will "de-throne" that title this year, which is sort of crazy seeing how he weighed something like 450 pounds last season. Anyway, this season is all about second chances, and if anyone deserves a second chance, it's Daniel. Okay, let me simply note that last season, my pick was his partner David. How did David do? Let's just say that by the finale, I believe he went down in history as the contestant who lost the LEAST amount of weight ever on the show. Something like 10 lbs total when all these others were wracking up numbers like 200 lbs. Pathetic, really, but I always felt there was something more in Daniel. Even though he was sent home early, he still managed to take off 100 pounds on his own at home. Sadly, that still put him over 300 pounds, but this is his chance to make a difference and to slim down for good. I am rooting for you Daniel!!

More to come later this week on our picks for Survivor!!


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