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Wedding Money

Wouldn't it be sweet to not ever worry about money? Wouldn't it be so refreshing to just have enough that you never really had to think about how to pay for the things you needed or wanted? It's so easy to imagine it, but so hard to make it a reality. October has finally arrived and G and I are only 79 days away from our wedding day. It's exciting, but scary at the same time. With the bad news this week about my music job plus the fact that I won't get paid for the whole month I worked in September, we are way behind on raising money for the wedding.

So what can I try now? How can I make at least another $1000 before December 19? I could hardly sleep last night, because I was trying to run new ideas through my brain, frantically searching for an answer. I might be able to pick up some new voice and piano students that are looking for a teacher now that the academy has gone belly up. We are working together as a couple to try to make more money through the game Everquest 2. (It seems fitting that the game should come through for us because that's where we met!)

But what other things can I do? I am going to try making a few other blogs and trying to make some money using google adsense. Last night, I made a new blog about Black Friday deals. I imagine a lot of people do online research to find the best deals on the day after Thanksgiving shopping. There are no guarantees with blogging though. I should have at least another $100 from adsense just with the things I already have set up, but wouldn't it be amazing to make $300 or more by December? Yes it would.

Of course, getting my novel to New York could be a huge source of money for us, so that is always a priority. I know it's close to being finished, but the last couple of days have been rough after the news of the academy. I need to get my focus back and get that manuscript finished. The odds of hearing anything back from Silhouette before the wedding are slim, but not none, so that's something I need to do as soon as possible.

I can list some of the clipboards and wooden letters I made/painted on ebay or etsy and try to sell there. We could try again at the flea market in November, but this time with different products, like maybe custom tree skirts for christmas? ALso, there are several places online where people pay two to four dollars for short articles. MyLot and Mechanical Turk are just two of them that come to mind. Substitute teaching or a temp job would be a good source of income. Even though the public schools are still on a hiring freeze, I could possibly find a substitute job at one of the local private schools.

If anyone else has some ideas of how to make some money between now and December, let me know! I'm willing to try almost anything (except porn, ha!). I'm trying to avoid having to get a job like waiting tables, especially since I already applied so many places and didn't get a job this past summer. A seasonal job at the mall or somewhere is a possibility, but they are going to be adamant about wanting someone to work closer to Christmas and I just don't want to lie and say I will, then quit to head to the wedding and to Georgia for the holidays. But I'm open to ideas and I will try whatever I can to make this wedding fun and memorable and stress free once we get there!


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