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New Crafting Space!!

Wow, I had another very productive weekend! On Friday we had our usual EQ2 game time, but we actually went to bed a little early so that we could get up on Saturday morning. Our community had a Volunteer Day where a lot of people got together to plant monkey grass and knockout roses in front of the townhouses. It was a really beautiful day, and we even got to work out in the shade.

After working out in the yard in the morning, we went to a big lunch (too big) buffet and then came home for a short nap. Then, G went to school to work on a project and I got to work on laundry and cleaning up what has been named "My Room". G and I live in a three bedroom, two and a half bath two story townhouse. When I moved in, there was the bedroom which also houses his computer desk. The second bedroom was being used as a sort of catchall for computer parts and the third bedroom used to be his roommate's room, but only had a bed in it. We turned the computer parts room into a proper office with a U-shaped giant desk space that we share and which wraps around the entire room. Then, I took over the guest room and made it my own.

First of all, I needed closet space. G's closet in the master bedroom was already pretty full, and let's face it, I have a ton of clothes and shoes. So, I painted my new room purplish-blue, moved my things into the closet, and then put in a small desk and chair and bookcase for my writing and working center. I also put the bed that was in there on the floor and was planning to use it as a comfy work space when I wanted to lay down and read or whatever. Basically, though, the bed turned into a dumping place for my clothes when I was too lazy to put them away. Bad bad bad.

So, this weekend, G and I did a wonderful thing. We moved the bed downstairs and into the living room for a temporary home (hopefully we'll get rid of it soon if need be). Then, we took his old computer desk and turned it into the ultimate crafting space for me! We went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of plywood and a piece of hardboard with a smooth surface, into a 3 x 7 piece. Then, we brought it home, placed the new pieces on top of the old desk and G screwed them together. He also took out a wooden support piece at the bottom to make more leg room for me, and added his old rolling filing cabinet to the left side of the desk, extending the work space and evening out the look of the desk. Snickerdoodle's crate fits just at the end of the desk perfectly now instead of sticking out into the middle of the room the way it did when the bed was there.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day organizing my crafting supplies and putting them up onto my work space for easy access. Here is a photo of the result.
Everything is neatly organized and color coded according to which craft it belongs to. (e.g. Beading, Sewing, Scrapbooking, etc.) You will notice there is even a tiny tv/dvd combo on the workspace so that I can watch movies or listen to music while I'm crafting.

Here on the left is a picture taken from the door where you can see my writing space on the other side of the room. I am so excited to get to work in this space today!! I am planning to get at least 500 words written in my latest story, and then work on a beading project. I think I am going to make some dangling earrings today. Tomorrow I will post some more pictures of my crafting efforts. Horray for productive weekends!


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