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The Crazy Ex-Husband

You hear stories about insane ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends who are stalkers or who go totally mental and never leave you alone, but you never expect it to happen to you. Five years ago when I married the guy, I thought he hung the moon. I was so happy to be marrying him and tying my life to his. How could my judgment possibly have been so terrible?

I am sure that divorce is never easy, and even as tough as mine has been, there are probably millions of divorces that are more difficult than mine, simply because children are involved. Thank God I never had a child with that crazy lunatic! Once all of the pieces and little details have been taken care of, all the loose ends tied up, I won't have to deal with him anymore, ever again. Or at least I am hoping that is the case. You would think, however, that after a year of being divorced, he would have moved on with his life, maybe found someone new or realized how foolish he had been and calmed down a bit about it. No. He has developed a whole new kind of crazy with which to threaten me.

After selling our house, there was just one last issue holding us together legally. Taxes. With the deadline coming up, I have been more and more stressed about the fact that he still has not come up with the documents I need to file our taxes. Then, today, I get the most insane email from him. Not only did he make all these threats to me about completely unrelated and made-up things, he also indicated that he has been scouring the internet for anything he can find about me or my family, referencing, specifically, pictures of my brothers wedding that I am guessing he found on the photographers website. THe fact that the wedding was not in my hometown and that I never told him about it seriously creeps me out. DOes he honestly have nothing better to do with his time than to search for information about me online? He also asked for my father's liability insurance information and my brother and sister's contact information (even spelling my sister's name wrong). What the hell could he possibly want with their contact information?

I guess the other thing that is pissing me off right now is that even though I know he is trying to push my buttons and make me upset, I am still letting it get me upset. I should not allow someone like that to have any power over me and my emotions anymore. Haven't I dealt with enough abuse from this man? Maybe he never hit me, but I survived years of mental abuse. I have no doubt from the way he used to throw things at me and threaten physical abuse that he would have eventually gone down that path too. I am so grateful that I got out of that marriage when I did, but how do I really move on if he is going to continue to seek me out and make threats? This week is going to be the end of it. I am going to either get his tax documents or find a way to file without him. THen, I am going to block him in every possible way. EMail addresses, phone numbers, everything. If I have to, I will get all new emails, a new phone number, whatever it takes.

This should serve as a warning to all women in relationships. They say that Love is blind, and I think they are full of crap. If you are blind to the truth of the situation you are in, or you are blind to the honest truth of the person you are with, then it isn't love at all. It is a mirage... fake love. Love is only real when your eyes are wide open and you can see everything about someone so clearly that you know them like you know yourself. If you love them anyway, or more, for the way you see them when you see them for Real, then it is true love. Blind Love is just Blindness.


mind and soul traveller February 20, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

Welcome to the club.. mine has a different version - but we do have to deal with crazy ex husbands who doesn't seem to understand that we want them out completely from our lives!!
You are lucky that there are no kids involved, I'm not. And it's like this is the punishment I have to face for leaving him....

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