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Laser Hair Removal

In just a few minutes, I will be heading to my 2nd laser hair removal treatment. For the first one, I was nervous and unsure about what to expect. This time, it's almost as if knowing what to expect is scarier, but not.

On the one hand, I have seen the results of the first treatment, and let me just say... if there is any place on your body where you detest having hair, get laser hair removal treatments! They told me to expect maybe 10% reduction in hair growth after the first treatment, but I saw at least 30% I would say. Maybe I was just the perfect candidate or something, but this is really working for me. So, on that note, any amount of pain is pretty much worth it since it only lasts a short time and I know the results will be more or less permanent.

On the other hand, it really fucking hurts. Last time, I was basically shaking and crying after just a few moments because it hurt so bad. And believe me, I usually handle these type of things really well. The doctor even commented that I was handling it so much better than most of her other clients. That can only mean that some people make her stop because they can't take it... or maybe they scream.

You have to imagine that it's a laser that penetrates deep into your skin and basically burns you every time it thinks it detects a hair. So if you have a lot of hair densely packed in a sensitive area, it is going to burn the shit out of you for each little hair. To make less hot, they attach this really super cold arctic wind chill type blower onto the laser and it blows cold air on you wherever the laser is burning you. I am sure that having the freezing cold on you is better than just sitting there burning, but the cold is what made me shake last time I think. It's like my body got confused. Am I being burned? or Frozen?

I am hoping that since there is less hair this time, the laser won't burn quite as much. If I get another 30% result from this second treatment, then you'll barely even be able to see the unwanted hair anymore, which will be great. I'll put up with 30 minutes of pure torture for that, honestly.

Okay, so I'm off to my appointment. Wish me luck.


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