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Katherine Rees - Right or Wrong?

Lord knows there is enough wrong with this country's version of "Justice". I have witnessed firsthand how frustrating it can be to go through a lawsuit. Basically, people threaten to sue all the freaking time, but the truth of the matter is that sueing someone is a very big ordeal and what's more,it's extremely expensive. If you have been wronged in some way, chances are it will cost you more to prosecute your wrong-doer than it would for you to take a month long shopping vacation in Paris and Milan to destress instead. I would advise taking the shopping trip, because when all is said and done, you probably won't find justice anyway. How has our nation turned into this place where justice is so hard to find? Let me tell you.

So, my topic today is Katherine "Katie" Rees, the 23 year old Miss Nevada who was dethroned after nude photos were leaked onto the internet. (As if these girls don't realize that in their quest for the crown someone is going to eventually leak those naked pictures of you. That story is so over-done.) Anyway, apparently she also is a bad driver. She managed to elude police and the court for some time even though she had some serious traffic violations on her record and had not paid the tickets yet. When she was finally pulled over, she resisted arrest, resulting in the police having to forcefully restrain her. This is the important part here. SHE RESISTED ARREST.

Okay, so cute little Katie went to court, paid her traffic fines, and the judge agreed that since she was willing to plead no contest, the court would dropped the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. CNN quotes her saying, "I'm just really glad this is over. It was a really traumatic experience, and I'm ready to move on." She wasn't exactly being truthful, though. Instead of moving on and just being grateful that the court did not prosecute her for resisting arrest and then put her in jail for six months, she is going to file a police brutality case. On what grounds?? While she was RESISTING arrest, the police slammed her down on her car and broke her beauty queen tooth. THIS is what's wrong with our justice system. Too many American people who have taken advantage of the system and distorted it. She is the one at fault and yet her lawyer is pushing her to believe that she was the one wronged in all this!

I hope a judge laughs in her face, honestly. Instead, what will probably happen is that someone will pay her off to avoid the embarrassment and hassle of a trial. It happens all the time, and it's disgusting. People who actually need and deserve justice will never see it because it's too expensive for them to fight and the laws can always be twisted to suit the needs of the side with more money or fame.


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