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Itching to Get Away

Lately I have been itching to get away for a romantic weekend. Between school projects, yard sales, and the like, we have been pretty much stuck here though. This particular weekend, G is on-call with work, which means that should there be a problem, he will get a phone call and most likely have to go in to work for a few hours to put out whatever fire needs to be put out.

Next week, I am heading home to Georgia to see the school musical where I taught last year. I am certainly excited about seeing my family and seeing my old students perform. However, I always miss G so much when we're apart and I'm sure next week will be no exception.

When we first were dating, we lived far enough apart that it made more sense for us to just meet in between at a hotel and spend a weekend together. Parting on Sunday was always the hardest part, but the weekends were so much fun. We'd make love over and over, go out for dinner and drinks, walk around a new city and discover shops or just talk. Of course, everyday real life can't be like that every weekend, but I think that it can only help a relationship to go away every once in a while and leave all the rest of the everyday crap behind.

What I have been daydreaming about lately is renting a cabin or something that has a jacuzzi tub. No video games allowed. Just us and a steaming hot jacuzzi, maybe a few DVD's and some comfy blankets. A new sexy outfit or two. Either that or maybe a new city to explore with new museums or an aquarium. That would be fun too.

Instead, though, this weekend will be about productivity. We are cleaning the carpets, cleaning out our cars and running various other errands that we've been meaning to get to. I know that all of these things need to get done, but I am really hoping for a weekend where it can be just the two of us alone somewhere with all the responsibilities of our house and jobs left behind for a few days.


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