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Deadliest Catch

Have you ever watched the show "Deadliest Catch" ? It comes on the Discovery channel and is a documentary style series about crab fisherman. Now, before you start thinking that it's going to be like watching bass fishing or something boring, you should really give it a chance. I would have never in a million years turned on the show if it hadn't been for my brother, who is fascinated by it. Last year when I lived with my brother for about six months, we used to sit up together and watch it. Part of its charm may have been just that I was spending time with my brother, but I really liked the show.

Probably the best part of it is the people, because isn't that what makes any reality show interesting? Capt. John Hillstrand is my favorite. He captains the Time Bandit and he is definitely one of the funniest out of all of them. The captains of the various boats run a contest every year to see who can bring in the most pounds of crab (relative to how big their boat is or something to make it fair), and I think Hillstrand won last year. Of course after he won, he bought all the captains a drink with his winnings and then donated it to a fisherman charity for those that lost their lives fishing that season. Believe me, this goes beyond just reality tv because it's a documentary about an interesting and often very dangerous topic. You only have to watch that giant metal cage lift out of the stormy waves and crash into the boat while six men try to get it under control to know that being a crab fisherman is not for the weak. I am excited that the show is coming back on and I will have yet another series to start recording on my DVR.


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