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I Wish I Was A Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader

This post may prove that I am the biggest dork in the world, but here goes nothing. When I am working out at Jazzercise, the routines sometimes get to be a bit too hard or I feel like I am starting to lose energy or the ability to carry on... so I have come up with a little way to keep myself going. I pretend that I am trying out for the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleading Squad.

Did you ever watch that show on ESPN or whatever where they showed the entire audition process for the DCC's? (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader's) Well, they made it into a reality show and it was brutal what some of the girls put themselves through. I remember that they even had this egg shaped thing the girls had to go into one at a time that measured your body fat percentage. If it was too high, they had a stern talking to with them about their level of body fat and gave them tips and diets to follow in order to lose it before the final cut. Brutal. I mean, some of the girls that were too "fat" were like 5 foot 10, 130 lbs, and completely gorgeous. They also showed the instructors calling girls in after a rehearsal and saying things like "You just aren't getting the routines. Don't come back." And then you would see these girls just go nuts. For some of them, it would be the 6th or 7th time they had tried out and almost made it. For others, it was their first time and they had just moved there and gotten an apartment when they found out they made the "boot camp". Imagine uprooting your life completely to go to a strenuous boot camp and then getting cut because your body fat percentage was like 15%?? Omg, brutal.

So, anyway, back to my topic :). I know I don't look like those girls and I know that it's only Jazzercise, not some top level choreography for a famous cheerleading/dancing team. However, if I pretend in that moment that I am dancing to try to make a team or that I am sexy and looking amazing out there as a future Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, it keeps me going. It gives me that extra ability to push through the routine no matter how much my body aches or I feel out of breath. Yes, I realize that this makes me a dork. But by God I'll be a healthy, skinny dork when it's all said and done. Yeee haw!


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