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I Hate Periods

Okay, so maybe you aren't supposed to talk about things like this in a public forum, but fuck it. This is what's on my mind this morning and I am going to share it. I am not one of those girls who has a normal period. In fact, before last week, I had not had a real period for many months... we're talking like 6 months. This has happened to me before, so I wasn't too worried for the first few months. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome when I was in college which basically means that I have cycsts on my ovaries, which causes them to not function the way they are supposed to. I got poked and prodded by doctors so much that I would rather not go back to a doctor about missed periods unless it gets to around the six month mark.

So, as I dangerously approached Doctor hell, I also started Jazzercise. Apparently the little bit of weight loss paired with high activity boosted my hormones enough to start my period. If you have never been unfortunate enough to deal with the first period after a six month hiatus, let me just tell you, it's not pleasant. I have had cramps, nausea, headaches, body aches, the works. I have also been extremely irritable and unable to control my own moodswings, which is frustrating for me, but probably more so for G, who has to live with me. All of this is pretty normal period behavior I guess, but a normal period for me lasts about 3 days, maybe 4 , at most 5. This period has been going on for 10 days and counting.

G has been very understanding and very loving towards me, which is rare and amazing in a man. I know he is ready for this to be over though, but there's not exactly anything I can do about that except try to hide my bitchy-ness. I also know that I am supposed to be going to work out every day, but I already missed Tuesday and now, I will probably miss today. Yesterday, I thought maybe working out would make me feel better, but it only made me feel worse, to be honest. I just can't bring myself to get dressed and go jump and dance around if it's going to just lead to worse cramps and being even more tired. I am just so ready for this to be over. It sucks. Period.


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