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Free Drugs

Get this. Our country wages a war against drugs and pours millions into it. How far have they really come and how much good have they really done with all of that money?? I think that would be an impossible question to answer. Most people would probably agree with me that some drugs are most certainly worse than others, as in marijuana vs. heroine. One is incredibly addictive and sometimes even fatal. The other just more often than not leads to watching tv or eating a bunch of Doritos instead of getting your laundry done. I don't have any official statistics, but I bet there is a lot of money spent on law enforcement and jail/prison inmates, lawsuits, etc. to fight a war against eating too many Doritos and being mildly high for a few hours. After all, it's easier sometimes to fight the wars you know you can win, right?

But then there's the drugs that are being pushed at us, poured down our throats a every chance a doctor gets to diagnose someone as "depressed". When I was teaching, I would venture to say that 75% of the faculty, including the principal, were on drugs. Sure, they were legal prescription drugs, but seriously, does that make it right? Americans these days are so quick to turn to any drug, legal or illegal, in order to make their problems go away. I mean, isn't that what is really at the base of most drug taking?? Some kind of desire to escape for a little while from the everyday sadness or mundane'ness or the pressure of life?

Now, CNN is also reporting that after testing water supplies throughout the country, an array of pharmaceuticals have been detected in drinking water. Over 41 million Americans are drinking tap water that is laced with drugs. How? Well, disgustingly enough... people take drugs, process them, pee them out, flush them down and then eventually, after the water is cleaned, put back into reservoirs, rivers and lakes, it is cleaned again and put back into our drinking water. So, basically we are drinking someone's pee'd out prescription drugs. Of course, the press is reporting that it's not dangerous because the amounts are so tiny. Excuse me, but how the fuck do they know what drinking trace amounts of sex hormones and anti-depressants is going to do to a 3 year old child today who drinks that drug water for the next 25 years or so? This is seriously disturbing news to me, honestly. The government is so quick to take away recreational drugs, but they are not accomplishing anything when the public is still going to be harmed by the drugs in our own drinking water and the drugs our doctors throw at us. It definitely gives you something to think about, doesn't it?


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