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American Idol Scandal

I guess it seems like there has to be some new scandal every year on American Idol, and you have to wonder if they plan it that way. I am beginning to think that maybe they actually recruit people who are willing to let themselves be thrown off the show for their lies, just to create more publicity for the show. The truth is, even though I have been a fan of the show since the beginning,I have to agree with what some of the people over at Vote For The Worst have to say. Reality TV is definitely not "Real" in the same sense that life is real. It may not be scripted the same way a regular sitcom is scripted, but there is definitely an agenda. Producers can lead us to believe anything, true or not, by the way they edit and manipulate, I have no doubt about that.

Millions of people show up to audition for American Idol, and it's obvious that the judges don't neccesarily pick the most talented singers. They pick a variety of singers that meet the criteria they are looking for this season. And sometimes it really does seem like they pick certain people just so the early voting will be easier and they can predict who will go. Then they pick their show ponies (David Archuleta) and they give them tons of air time and video clips, personal information, etc. I have to wonder if they even give some contestants more rehearsal time or styling advice.

So what's the big scandal released on American Idol just before the top 12 are announced and the competition moves to the big stage and starts grooming it's cheesy tour group? David Hernandez is a gay stripper! A lot of people seem to be surprised that the guy is gay quoting some audition scene where he asked if there were "any ladies around", but how could you not have known he was gay? Are you blind? The guy is obviously into fashion. He was singing Celine Dion songs people! I didn't mind, though. Who cares if he's gay?? This is supposed to be a competition about good singers, remember?

Well, the news of David's job at a strip club called Dick's Cabaret for the past 3 years just hit the net over the past week, and there is some speculation about whether he will be allowed to continue on in the competition. The rumors are that he has already been sent home after his performance on Tuesday and that he will not be in the audience for the girl's performance tonight. Funny how that bit of news will probably improve the number of people watching tonight's show astronomically. I mean how else can they keep up a 30 million person audience three nights a week for 2 months?? I have to say that I would not be surprised if David Hernandez is riding first class on his way home with a large wad of cash in his back pocket and a note that says "Thank you for allowing yourself to be exploited for cash... again."

I guess you really can't blame the producers too much. What they do works doesn't it? We watch the show. If America didn't buzz with the news of their scandals and fall for the bait they put out, they would be out of a job and American Idol wouldn't have made it to the 2nd season, let alone the 7th. What I do blame them for is trying to convince us that it's okay to disqualify someone for being a gay stripper. What? Do they think he is a bad role model? With a name like American Idol, they must be wanting to uphold the saintly reputation of pop music idols such as Britney Spears, Madonna, Puff Daddy, and Amy Whinehouse. Right?

I have to admit that I often have a problem with the fact that America idolizes people who repeatedly make bad decisions. There are plenty of amazing people in our country who would make great role models and who deserve to be put up on a pedastol, so why do we let ourselves worship these skanks, whores, drug addicts, and alcoholics? And it isn't just pop music icons that we exonerate for this behavior. We allow it in our sports stars where a player can be in rehab for being a heroine addict one year, but then next season he's right back on the field making millions a year and signing autographs for 10 year olds who are wearing their number on a jersey and looking up at them with pure admiration. We allow it in our movie stars for sure. DUI's for movie stars is almost like a rite of passage these days, isn't it? And, worst of all, we allow it in our own government. I would bet there are more Senators who have gay strippers on their payroll somewhere than we would ever care to know about.

So what's the problem with letting David Hernandez stay on American Idol? If Jamie Lynn Spears gets to be pregnant at 16 and still work for Nickolodean, where do we draw the line? Teenage Pregnancy? No Problem. Heroine Addict? There's always Rehab. DUI? Everyone's doing it. Gay Stripping? Whoa! Omg! Quarantine him! Exile him! Off with his head! I don't get it.


nathan harris March 5, 2008 at 6:52 PM  

I hope these people get the help they need. It is wierd they get to stay on T.V. though.

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