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Servpro Sucks

Over two years ago, I had a house fire. After seeing these happy commercials where Servpro swoops in and takes care of all of your items, cleans them, and gets them back to you good as new with the slogan of "Like it never happened", I called our local Servpro of Houston County and asked for their help. I can remember being grateful they were there and how impressed I was as they explained that they were making an inventory sheet of everything they removed from the house. I felt certain that the things that could be saved would be in good hands.

Due to lawsuits over the fire and a subsequent divorce and dividing of assets, the furniture and books and things sat at Servpro's storage building for two years. Then, last summer, when I was finally ready to claim my belongings and begin the treaure hunt to see what remained of my old life, I owed Servpro big bucks for holding on to my things. Insurance had paid for the cleaning and about 6 months of storage, but I was responsible for the rest of it. These fees, mind you, are not like a normal rented storage unit where it might be $100 a month or something like that. I ended up paying well over $1500 for storing my things and having them delivered to my storage unit, but I was okay with that, because I knew I was going to be able to go through them and find some treasures I had long forgotten.

As I started going through my own rented storage units where they had dropped off the stuff, I started noticing certain things were missing. Lamps, paintings, furniture, etc. Expensive items, most of them, and things I had hoped to sell to recoup some of the cost of my divorce. I can't even begin to tell you what hell it has been to try to get those missing items back. My contact at Servpro kept insisting that it was their policy to throw out items that were claimed on insurance and that he had no obligation to return my things. Confused, I perused the contents of my storage unit once again. There was the couch that was obviously ruined and needed to be thrown out. It was indeed claimed on insurance, and yet here it was. However, missing was the gold leafed dressing screen that J's Dad bought us for $10,000 and was not, in fact, damaged at all by the fire. Something did not add up.

Countless phone calls, emails, and attempts to contact corporate Servpro later, I went, armed with my mother's anger at my side, last week to the warehouse where my things were being held hostage. Honestly, I half expected them to say that they couldn't find them or that I could not see my stuff. I half expected that they already had sold my stuff and it was gone forever. But in truth, it was all there, waiting in that storage warehouse, and Bob, my contact there, was as nice as could be. He explained that his mother-in-law had been very ill and that he had been a bit scattered, making me feel like shit for thinking the worst of him and his intentions.

I left Servpro that day with a smile on my face, believing that miracles do happen, and after going through hell, it had all been a misunderstanding. My things would be returned to me and all would be well!!! I actually managed to hold onto those good feelings in spite of the fact that Bob did not call me back over the next few days like he said he would. I even managed to hold onto those good feelings right up until this morning when I got an email from Bob that read, "How would you like for me to return your items? Let me know, and I will look over what additional storage costs remain." I wanted to scream. I wanted to find Bob from Servpro and gouge out both of his eyes with the mutilated end of a rusty coat hanger. They expect me to pay more for their incompetence and inability to deliver my things when they were supposed to?? Goodbye happy feelings. Servpro Sucks and customer service is dead. I am so sick of being walked on by companies like this! I emailed him back and basically said that surely he wouldn't expect me to compensate him for his gross incompetence. We'll see how he responds. If his answer is anything other than butt-kissingly sweet, I'm just going to call corporate Servpro customer service and bitch them out. I'll let you know.


Gini February 8, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

Oh dear am I with you on this one. Due to a water pipe breaking inside our house (while we were gone for 2 weeks), we made the ill-fated decision to call ServPro. We've just moved back into our house (they said it would take 2 took over 5) and are just discovering how much of our stuff is missing...things that weren't damaged or listed as unsalvageable...just disappeared. I could go on for days, but suffice it to say SERVPRO SUCKS!!!

Anonymous April 14, 2009 at 6:31 PM  

I don't what kind of luck you have but I used Servpro 2x and rec'd great care! Everything was cleaned and put back "like it never even happened!" All the guys were neat and clean. Servpro of Houston County (Georgia) is great. They can do work in my house anytime I just hope I don't need them again

Anonymous November 5, 2009 at 7:58 AM  

I used ServPro after the recent Georgia flood. I felt confident after seeing the commercials and the salesman who came to my home. I was left with a refrigerator to throw away on my own that I was told, twice, they would take care of it. Then I started to notice things that should have been left were missing. For example: my lawn mower, pots and pans and dishes for heavens sake. Yet left me with a refrigerator that was ruined! The work on my home fell far short of par. I would never use them again!

Anonymous November 11, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

Folks, I worked for ServPro for over 10 years. They all are not equal, there are some good franchise out there and some really bad ones. If you folks only knew, don't believe the commercials you see, it is a corporate some screen. The bottom line is money with them!

The Chimp November 21, 2009 at 8:07 AM  

The only thing these companies respond to is bad press which leads to a lack of money. My suggestion is to place this story on Google Finance under the heading "Discussions". Go to Google Finance and type in ServPro. On their information page you'll see an area for people to start a discussion about the company. Place your story there and then email a link to the story to the corporate office. ServPro is a franchise, so horrible service by a franchisee should be felt by the franchisor. Email this link to the insurance company that is using ServPro also. Search for the insurance company on Google Finance and post this story under their information page as well. GO GET 'EM!

manas March 28, 2011 at 8:28 PM  

looks like Anonymous are either from friends or inside servo. I would go to google and share our nightmeres. Servvo franchises are not listed in BBB, and they are the trick-stars with changed face and location. Their bill will appear depending on the estimate provided by your insurance. They would showup like good guys; but reality is, they would take advantage of your situation. Need photos? I have captured some videos/images of their deeds, would post in all the blogs I would come accross in near future.

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