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Get Better Already!

I HATE being sick. Not that there's anyone who actually enjoys it, but seriously, I am fucking miserable. I have had a severe cold for four days now and geniunely felt better yesterday. Foolishly, I believed that when I woek up this morning I would magically be all better. Not so. I think in some ways I actually feel worse. How is that possible??

There is so much pressure behind my eyes that they feel like they are going to pop out of their sockets and lead a life of their own any minute. When I blow my nose, it comes out bright green and yellow and I'm thinking that just is not a good sign at all. Right now, I would probably kill to have two nostrils I could actually breath out of or be able to take a deep breath period without coughing. When I talk,I hear hints of losing my voice altogether, which is never a good thing either. And you know that under-water hearing you get when you have a cold? It's as if I've reverted back to my mother's womb and everyone is trying to talk to me through a pod of fluid.

I don't think I have the flu because you usually get a fever with the flu right? I think all I'm really battling here is the common cold, but this is brutal. I guess I am a bit of a wimp. I mean, millions of people go through this every day right? How do people actually go to work feeling like this? I know that I used to go and actually jump around to silly Kindergarten music all day feeling like this, but somehow I've regressed into severe wimpiness I guess, because there is no way I could teach music today if I had to. What I really want to do is crawl right back into bed. The problem is, that even though I know I need rest, the cold itself rebells against my wellness and makes my sleep miserable by clogging up my nose even worse and waking me up with coughs and general ickiness.

What kind of ickiness you might ask? I had vivid dreams last night about my sister trying to shoot me with her 20 gauge shotgun and also my ex-husband J made a few cameo appearances. How much worse could sleep really get?

I think I will just bundle up under my Hello Kitty blanket and watch last night's episodes of Survivor and American Idol that I recorded. That's bound to make me feel better.


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