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Angelina and Brad Get Ready for Number 5

Angelina Jolie-Pitt is having another baby. This will be the second biological child of Brad and Angelina, but will be their 5th child including their adopted children. Their family of four (Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and biological child Shiloh, 1) is expanding to five, and it doesn't seem that they will stop there. I guess it doesn't really affect me one way or another if they stop at five or if they have 100 children. But what gets me is this: How can they raise five kids, have non-stop blockbuster movie deals, meet with world leaders to discuss their opinions, and manage fame and looking fabulous 24 hours a day? Not to mention still keeping up with their marriage, which appears to be the model of perfection?? I can hardly keep my laundry done.

I guess you could attribute their success in keeping their lives together to money, but we all know that money does not exactly equal happiness and I've-got-my-life-together-ness (as shown by celebs like Britney and about 1000 others). I think that is what intrigues me so much about them. How do they do it all? And is it real? Or are they only showing us what they want us to see? Tabloids have certainly tried to dish out trash about how Brad still loves Jennifer and how Angelina throws temper tantrums, but those stories never seem to rile the couple as they continue to snuggle and smile, babies all around them. I guess one part of me thinks they are complete fakes. I can imagine them secretly having 8 nannies who run their household and arguing all the time when they actually see each other, only putting on their smiles for the public to see. I picture Angelina Jolie crying about how Brad cheats on her or how their perfect life is all a big game. Sometimes it's easier to imagine that it's fake, because if it's not, then I'm way behind on the success curve.

But another part of me sincerely hopes that in the middle of all the Hollywood buzz and drama, there is a real modern family that loves each other and are really truly happy and successful in every area of their lives. Why would I hope for that or even care? Because it would at least prove that it is possible. And if that is possible in a world where cameras are always in your face and pressure is all around you, then it's possible anywhere in anyone's life. I may not have that exact kind of happiness yet (and I definitely don't think five children would equal happiness for me, haha)... I feel that I am on the cusp of it. I mean, life is never going to be perfect, but why settle for less before you even try to find that perfect happiness?


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