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Three Down, Two to Go: Teyona wins ANTM

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality tv. Sure, there are some regular shows that I enjoy, specifically Heroes, but for the most part, I like watching competitions. It's just fun to watch people who really want something compete for a prize (usually money or fame), and each of the shows I love is different in the way they move toward that goal. Unfortunately, however, most of my shows that I love are coming to an end.

I haven't totally been keeping up with every episode simply because I can't sit in front of the tv every night to watch them. Instead, I usually sit in front of the computer all night, but that's not the topic here so let's move on :P.

The Amazing Race, which ended last Sunday, is always a great show. My sister and I love watching it and usually pick one team at the very beginning to win, then place a friendly five dollar bet on it. The odds of actually picking the winning team are usually 1 in 12 or something like that, so it's not too bad. Last season, I won the five dollars when my brother sister team came in first. This season, my sister took the five bucks back when her brother sister team won. My pick, the blonde flight attendants, were out of it after like four weeks or something. Either way, the show is over until they start again, which probably will be in the fall.

The Biggest Loser is another one that we bet on, and I loved this season. Last season, there were actually some players that I didn't like at all (namely Vickie), but this year I was rooting for everyone to lose the weight. My sister picked Tara right off the bat out of 22 competitors. I, sadly, picked David from the orange team. In the finale Tuesday night, Tara came within 5 pounds of winning the prize, but lost out to Helen in the end. Still, though, she lost over 50% of her total weight and was a record breaking player! The guy I picked lost a measly 10% of his weight, which was the lowest percentage of everyone by 12% percent. Most people lost about 30% or so. How did I pick the very worst guy on the whole show? He must not have even been trying, which sucks. And the funny thing is that the website says he lives in Fuquay Varina, NC, which is just minutes from where I live (part of why I picked him). I should go over there and make him explain to me what the hell happened! But I'm not a stalker chick, so I think I'll just leave him alone. I'm sad the show is over though.

Last night, my very favorite show, America's Next Top Model, also ended its season. Teyona, a black beauty from New Jersey, was named the Cycle 12 winner. My sister doesn't watch the show, so no bets here, but I think Teyona definitely deserved to win. Alison, the second runner up, was also one of my favorite contestants of all time. She was so unique and beautiful and sweet.

So that makes 3 of my favorite reality shows going off the air until the fall. Last night on American Idol, the top 2 finalists were announced... and I was surprised to see that it is Adam and Kris! And by that, I mean excited! Danny Gokey was eliminated, and although I think Danny can really sing, I was never really comfortable with the way he seemed to pimp his dead wife's memory for sympathy votes. Adam and Kris are both young and fresh and super cute, so I think this will be a good finale. All I have to say, though, is that American Idol better get some good female vocalists next season. This will be the second year of two guys in the finale and I hate it. Alison Iraheta was awesome and I would have loved to see her in the finale, but seriously she was the only great female this year besides Lil. I think Adam will win in the end, but you never know. Either way, the show's finale is next week, which is just sad.The final show that I love, of course, is Survivor. This is also a bet on show between my sister and I. We both came really close last season on our picks, but once again, I got it all wrong this season. I originally picked Sierra, but after a rough first day on the show, my sister let me change my vote to Sidney. Neither one of them made it this far, but Sierra did make it further which just proves that I was full of bad choices this season. Erin, my sister's choice, is still in it, but is probably not going to win it. Tonight is the next to last episode where it will be whittled down to only 4 survivors. Then, Sunday night will be the two hour finale. I think JT will win it all, and I am very happy with that. He's a good, genuine kind of southern boy that I think has given the south a good name with his intelligence, loyalty and hard work on the show.

With all five of my shows ending, what in the world am I going to watch next? So You THink You Can Dance is starting up on May 21, and that's an awesome show. Does anyone else know of any good reality shows starting up that will run through the summer? My sister and I are looking for a couple of fun ones to bet on that are coming up soon.


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