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American Idol Finale: Adam Lambert or Kris Allen??

Season 8 of American Idol ends tonight and a new American Idol is going to be crowned. To me this season has been a dud compared to last season, but that doesn't mean there isn't any great talent. I just didn't seem to get close to any of the contestants. I really loved Allison Iraheta, but she didn't get to the top two like I hoped she would. Instead, the finale last night was Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Two very different kinds of performers, but both very talented.

In some ways, I would love to see Adam win just because he's so unique and just so damn cool. There are articles and pictures that have surfaced all season about how he's gay and kissing other guys and how he's done shows in the past in full drag. I love that none of that has made a difference in his success. Why should it? It's not like he's up there making out with men on stage, in which case it would make a difference because while I don't mind it if he's gay, I don't want to see anyone making out on stage. Straight OR gay. In the audition shows, Adam really stood out because he had that theater vibe and amazing vocals. Usually the judges shun that kind of talent, saying they belong on Broadway but not rock. Adam's different though, because he has one of those crazy amazing rock voices as well. His voice is so versatile. He did a great job last night in the finale.

Kris Allen, for me, is a huge surprise finalist. I never in a million years would have put him in the finale. Early on, I probably wouldn't have pictured him in the top 10 to be honest. Not because he couldn't sing, but because he didn't stand out for me. Alexis Grace... she stood out. When Kris and Megan Joy both made it to the top 10, I was shocked. Kris is definitely a cutie, but what had he really shown in terms of stand out vocal talent?? The past few weeks have really shown why he made it this far, and I enjoyed his performance last night. I don't know if he can win, but he certainly put up a good fight. And, as horrible as that finale song was that Kara and friends wrote, it sounded better in Kris' voice than in Adam's.

So who will be crowned as the winner of Season 8 tonight? Overall how did Kara DioGuardi do as the new judge this season? (Personally, I didn't like her.) And do you want to see more seaons of American Idol or has it lost its appeal? Feel free to share comments.


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