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My crazy ex has resurfaced. Apparently, last night he called a certain judge in my family out of the blue, claiming that I have refused to give him back some property. Also, he is claiming that he is going to hire an attorney here in my state because I haven't given him some tax documents that he needs. On top of all of that craziness, he seems to be upset that I took him off of my health insurance policy three months before our divorce was final. That was in freaking march of '07!

The property he told my uncle that I refused to give back is a mixture of stuff I still have in storage, stuff I sold long ago, and things I never even heard of. I seriously believe that this man is mentally ill. I told him 2 years ago that he was welcome to come get that shit or else he could send me money to ship it. He never lifted a finger to try to get that stuff back, so screw him. He's bat-shit crazy for calling random people in my family 2 1/2 years later threatening lawsuits.

And don't even get me started on the taxes. We owed back taxes and our divorce settlement stated that I was to choose an accountant and my ex was supposed to provide the documents from his side of the whole thing. After a year of sending out requests, he still never got a damn thing to me, so I sent one final certified letter saying that if he didn't send me his documents in 10 days, I was filing separately. And that's exactly what I did. I paid for it too. Filing separately added tons of penalties to my taxes, but dammit, I was responsible for that debt and I didn't want it lingering over my head. That was a full year and a half ago. Has he seriously still not paid his taxes??

I don't know if he will call again or if he'll try to contact me or what. There's no telling if an officer will show up on my damn doorstep trying to serve me with some stupid lawsuit or not. The thing that sucks most is that I will have to pay to defend myself if he pulls that shit. Of course, he has been threatening me with lawsuits for years now, and he has never once gotten a lawyer, so I guess I have nothing to be scared of. I just wonder why now?? You know? Why does he even still care about what's going on in my life or what happened so long ago? Why did he disappear for months and months and then suddenly resurface like this? I just want him to be buried in my past. I want to put him into a box labeled "BIG MISTAKES" and close it up, put some packing tape on it, and send it to the damn dump. I have moved on with my life, and it's about damn time he did the same.


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