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Month to Month Blues

Have you ever noticed that some days having no money is okay? While other days, it seems like the worst thing ever? To be honest, G and I are doing just fine. We get our bills paid, which is more than a lot of Americans can say right now in this economy. We eat well. Just this past weekend we went to a movie and then to the mall where G bought me some very cute stuff at the Sanrio store. We're not destitute or anything.

But that doesn't mean we've got money either. For the most part, we live month to month. Sure, when I first moved here I was still getting a paycheck for a few months and I spent money like crazy. It was definitely fun to do. Plus we had money coming in from EQ2 at the time... often 500 or more dollars a month in extra income. Now, though, it just seems like expenses are getting high while income is getting lower.

Some days, it's no big deal to have only a small amount of extra income. As long as our basic needs are met at the moment, why do we need more? Then, other days I start to freak out. We have a wedding to pay for! Even a trip to Vegas for a week is going to cost thousands, plus our wedding rings and the certificate and everything. Just where is that money going to come from?

Getting a job in this economy has been difficult. Granted, I haven't tapped every single resource and I haven't gone into desperate mode or anything, but I put out a lot of applications and resumes and only got one single interview, which then turned out to be nothing. I imagine when summer is over, there might be more people hiring because the summer college/high school crowd will go back to school, but you never know. Mainly, what I want to do is substitute teach. For $90 a day, I could do something I enjoy and make plenty of money working only when I feel like it. Unfortunately, the school system is still on a hiring freeze. /sigh. Surely something will come through.

Of course, the biggest thing right now would be for me to sell a book. A decent advance with the promise of eventual royalties would be huge for us right now. I just have to keep working hard every day to get ready for nationals. 7 weeks left. Meanwhile, though, month to month living means that there's one week left in this month... and I'm broke. I'm definitely looking forward to June 1st.


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