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Good News

I went through an awful divorce last year, and let me tell you, that is not something I ever ever want to go through again. Not that anyone ever wants to go through a divorce, but you just don't realize how difficult or unpleasant it can be until you've been through it. Anyway, even though I have moved on with my life, there have been a few things that still legally have tied me to my ex. Thank goodness, I'm talking about property and not children. I can't imagine how difficult a divorce is when you have children together.

So the good news is that I think I have sold the house that we still owned together. Now, to put it in perspective, this house, although once beautiful, is currently severely damaged from a fire we went through 2 years ago. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to sell that property, but I was not expecting it to sell this quickly. I talked to a man tonight that wants to buy the house, made a reasonable offer, and is ready to work on his financing options. He said he will call me back on Monday and let me know what the bank has to say. I have a very good feeling about this!!

Of course, having to get in touch with my ex and negotiate terms and get his approval is a pain in my fucking ass. Even having to deal with him on such limited terms is upseting me and has gotten me all worked up. I hear his old, snobby and judgmental tone in every word of the emails he sends. At first, I was really letting him get to me, and then I realized... this is the last big thing holding us to each other in any way. It's just amazing how five years ago I was excited about marrying this person. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. I am gong to blame a temporary mental disorder or something, who knows. All I know now is that I am a hell of a lot better without him, and every word he speaks to me only further proves that point. The good news is that in a month or less, I might be rid of him forever. This makes a great early birthday present.


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