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A Deserted Red Carpet

Ah, the Golden Globes. I usually am right there, front and center, waiting to see each and every designer shoe that hits the red carpet. I LOVE watching the stars arrive at the awards shows, I have to admit it. There were years in the past when I used to print out all the nominees and circle my favorites, hoping and praying they would win, cheering for them from my humble sofa. The past couple of years, though, I haven't been invested enough in watching current movies or television to care as much about who wins, unfortunately. (And after looking down the list of last night's winners, I realized I hardly recognize the names of most of the movies and shows who won anyway) However, I still love to watch the red carpet pre-show.

This year, it was just not meant to be. With the writers' strike continuing after months of no resolution, the Golden Globe awards that were supposed to take place last night were reduced down to a press conference. A lot of the stars were quoted saying things like "I am so glad I don't have to worry about a dress this year!" but I doubt that is really true for most of them. If it were me, picking out an amazing Oscar de la Renta gown or strutting my stuff in Versace on the Red Carpet looking sexy and rubbing elbows will all of Hollywood's elite would be one of my favorite events of the year. You can't tell me they had more fun sitting at home in their pj's listening to a press conference.

I haven't gotten too involved in reading about the strike, but I have read a little bit. I am usually honestly against strikes in general when it comes to high profile people, like baseball stars and such. I mean, compared to my $40,000 a year, they seem to be doing okay and who the hell do they think they are denying their paying fans(who by the way, look forward to the entertainment they provide as a light in the darkness of our humble lives)the opportunity to see them play or to watch new shows on tv and such. I am sure I would understand them better if I was in their shoes, but I'm not, so until that day, I don't usually sympathize. Being a writer, though, I can actually understand where some of these writers are coming from. I think it would be pretty hard to swallow if you wrote a hit tv series for years and watched the actors and the producers getting fat rich off of your words and clever genius, while you failed to see even half the monetary rewards that they did. Sometimes, though, the writing is shitty and a movie or show is only successful because of those actors or directors that everyone wants to support or see. I guess it is a pretty complicated issue for them, and I honestly hope that the writers come out on top.

All I know is that I missed watching the red carpet parade of stars last night, and I hope the strike is over before the Oscars.

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