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What makes a Good Parent?

The most read story of the week over at is about Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's 16 year-old little sister. What drama has the Spears' family gotten into this time? Teen pregnancy. Jamie Lynn is 12 weeks pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. I was reading the article at People and Jamie Lynns' parents talk about how her boyfriend Casey has impressed them by driving her to work at the Nicelodeon set and staying there while she worked. Now, the article makes it seem like this is just about the best thing they can say about him, and that this is their example of why he will be a good father. Hmmmm... So, what you're saying is that an 18 year old kid loves your daughter so much that he hangs out at your house, leeching on the family's money all day... then drives her to work at a famous tv studio and hangs out there with all the stars all day?? Wow, what a stand up guy! I mean, you would be hard pressed to find any other guy willing to accompany the hot sister of a tabloid legend to prestigious Hollywood events! Give me a break!

But wait! I guess we already knew Britney and Jamie Lynn's parents were not the brightest crayons in the box. Anyway, the article got me thinking about the over-used phrase "He'll be a good father." (Or it's twin "She'll be a good mother") Why is it that if someone is a "good" person, we say they will automatically be a good father or mother? I know tons of wonderful, funny, "good" people who suck at parenting. And then I know others that I never would have thought were going to be good parents who turned out to be amazing parents. My sister, for example. Five years ago, she would have been in my top 5 for "People I know who will make bad parents". But here she is with a 3 year old daughter, and she is a totally changed person because of it. Everytime I watch them together, I am in awe of how good a mother she turned out to be.

What makes someone a "good person" anyway? Is Casey Aldridge a good person for having sex with a 16 year old girl when he's almost 19? (Isn't that legally considered rape?) Is he a good person for not being careful enough to use protection? Is he good for moving out to LA and mooching off the Spears' fortune? I am not saying any of those things make him a bad person, but I certainly don't see one indication that he will be a good father. In truth, I think only actually being a father for a little while can show if you will be a good one or a lousy one. No one knows how they will react to a child in their life. The responsibility is enormous. Only time and experience will tell. Either way, maybe Britney can regain some sanity while the spotlight is on her sister for a little while


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