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Dreams can be the Enemy

Isn't it funny sometimes how dreams, which you totally can't control, can make you feel strange for days after? I will go long periods of time where I don't remember a single dream. I wonder if I'm dreaming at all, really, because I wake up feeling like I was peaceful throughout the night. But somehow, once a dream seeps in and affects me, it's like the floodgates open. For the past few days, I have dreamed nonstop. (Of course, I don't know if that's really true, or if it just feels like that.) All I know is that waking up after a dream (or a string of dreams) that feels very real or very disturbing can affect you for hours, if not days.

Do you ever feel like you know you dreamed something weird or real or disturbing, and you have a weird feeling inside about it, but yet you cannot quite remember the details? I have that feeling today. I slept quite a bit the last couple of days, and I am not really sure why. Maybe I am coming down with something. There's no real reason why I would be exhausted. But the more I slept, the more I dreamt.

I think for sure that I dreamed about my ex-husband. Like I said before though, I can't really remember the details, just that I dreamed about him a lot, which certainly explains the icky feeling. I wish I could just purge myself of the weirdness or the lingering haze of those dreams over the past 24 hours or so. I wonder if there is any way to make sure you don't dream? Maybe tylenol pm or some other sleeping pill would help? But then I'd wake up feeling weird anyway. Those type of pills knock me out, and then when it's time to get up, I feel so groggy and foggy. I guess I will just have to embrace whatever dreams happen to come my way.


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