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A Good Book When it's Cold

There is just something about snuggling up with a good romance novel when it's getting cold outside. In the name of research, I went to a bookstore and picked out a couple of Harlequin's latest romance titles. The first one I decided to read is "Snowbound" by Janice Kay Johnson. Sure, it's light reading, but isn't that a good thing when it comes to leisure time?

The book is about Fiona, a 28 year old private school teacher who is caught in a snowstorm along with eight of her students. They were on their way back from a quiz bowl type competition when the storm caught them by surprise and they were unable to make it home. Luckily, they find a ski lodge in the mountains and are taken in by the owner, John. John is a loner of sorts... a veteran who recently returned from Iraq with injuries, both mental and physical. He was hoping the storm would mean solitude, but he reluctantly takes in Fiona and her students, giving them every luxury at his disposal. Of course, there are sparks between Fiona and John, and they gradually get to know each other. I am on page 151 of 276, and they have really just gotten to their first kiss. After mainly reading Brava's more erotic novellas lately, this is actually a refreshing change.

I think just by reading this book, I am learning a lot. The author is kind of using an old standard plot, being pushed together in a mountain lodge because of a snow storm... but then she twists it a bit by adding teenagers to the mix. Also, I usually cringe when I see that a story involves a hero who was in Iraq. But for some reason, I am really loving this book and these characters. I want to learn how to make a reader care about the characters I am creating. I think that in my own writing, I tend to be less patient in my descriptions. For such an emotional person, my writing so far is not emotional enough, I think. Anyway, I'm going to get back to reading.


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