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Weekends Go Too Fast

It seems like this weekend just flew by. G and I picked out a beautiful Christmas tree on Friday night, and we spent part of the weekend decorating it and cleaning up some things in the house. We also went to see The Golden Compass on Saturday night. Yesterday was spent more on the computer and in the bed than anything else. We watched Eragon while lying in bed, then took a nap after that. It just seems like, all in all, there wasn't enough weekend to go around. I love having G home with me all day long. I wish every weekend could be just one day longer. I definitely was not ready to wake up to a Monday today, but it came anyway and here we are. Nothing to do now but embrace its Monday-ness and make the most of the day.

Before I go, a passing word about The Golden Compass... I, not having read any of the books or having heard much about the movie except a couple of previews, had no idea that the movie would not wrap itself up like most normal movies at the end. I was definitely enjoying the story and the cinematography, when in the back of my mind I thought... surely we've been in here a while, there can't possibly be enough time for them to show the rest of the "war" and fit in rescuing her father and such. I was very curious how they were going to wrap up the story into the expected and anticipated happy ending that is customary with epic children's tales like Neverending story when suddenly, the screen went black. Hmm, I thought. Part 2? Then the credits began to roll and the movie was over. Wait. Over? OVER??!%$#&*(!? Needless to say, I was not prepared for this abrupt ending, and was slightly pissed that there was not more warning that I was in fact going to see a movie that would not really end. When I went to see Lord of the Rings, I knew it was going to be Part I of three. I was prepared for whatever ending they gave, because I knew there was more in the works. Maybe it's an example of my own ignorance for not knowing the books the movie is based on. Anyway, I guess there will be two more movies still to come. All I can say is that I hope they actually make them, or rather... hope they have already started, because I want to see the rest of the story! I may actually run to the book store and just pick up the books. Chances are, they are probably better than the movie anyway.

And now... back to Monday.


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