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Pirates Seize US Ship

What the hell is happening in our world that now, on top of everything else, we have to start worrying about PIRATES! And I'm not talking about Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm talking about real life, modern-day AK47 carrying pirates who hijack ships, steal cargo, and kidnap passengers for ransom.

Now, it's totally possible that I'm ignorant here and that piracy has been a normal thing for centuries and I'm just hearing about it more over the past year or so because it has been in the news more. I don't know. I'm thinking that it's probably been there in a few isolated incidents, but there has definitely been an increase in threat over the past year or so.

I guess when the economy starts going to shit here, the rest of the world follows. And when people who are desperate see an opportunity for major cash, they go for it. I guess what seems strange to me is that they are calling these people who are hijacking ships with their Oozi's and autmatic rifles and extreme firepower... Pirates. A pirate has become such a romantic figure. Jack Sparrow played by the sexy Johnny Depp. Fabio with a machine gun. There are oodles of romance novels based on the historical idea of a pirate. Dangerous, Mysterious, Sexy. Yet, here are these freaking hoodlums who are terrorizing modern day ships with weapons prepared to kill anyone in their way, and we call them pirates. Why?

Why not terrorists? Can terror on the seas only be called piracy? It just bothers me that they use this term that has been so overdone and romanticized when basically these people are thugs. Yesterday, a ship carrying at least 20 Americans was hijacked by Somali Terrorists (AKA "Pirates"). Usually, the passengers are treated well in hopes of the kidnappers obtaining a ripe, happy sum for their return home. But I'm sure that things go wrong and people die sometimes on these pirate runs.

Even though there has been increased security, it's almost impossible for police to monitor the entire ocean. Ships are going to have to start running in groups with armed escorts to deter piracy perhaps. The families of these 20 Americans on board are being contacted this morning to let them know the situation. Can you imagine getting a call in the middle of the night saying your husband has been kidnapped by pirates?? I would laugh and hang up on them. Pirates?? Pirates don't exist anymore! Hahahaha. But indeed, they do. Sea Terrorists.

I don't know how long it will take for ransom and negotiations to start taking place, but I pray for the people on that ship and for their families. Not because they are American, but because they are honest people who were just trying to do their job. Next time you start to think, "I hate my job" just think about these people. At least you don't have to worry about a boatload of modern day Pirates with machine guns knocking on your door.


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