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Gisele Bunchen vs. Bridget Moynahan

I almost can't believe all of the nasty and negative comments going around the web in regards to the whole Gisele vs. Bridget controversy! If you don't know about it, I'll give you a simple rundown of what I know.

Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback superstar and definitely super-hunk, was dating Bridget Moynahan for over two years. Bridget, pictured here on the left, is an actress who was in movies like iRobot and Sum of All Fears... but of course, we all know her best as "Natasha" or "The Idiot Stick Figure With No Soul" from Sex and the City. They broke up in late 2006, then Bridget announced early the next year that she was pregnant with Tom Brady's child.

Only Tom and Bridget really know if she tried to get him back or what happened between them, but Bridget told a few magazines afterwards that she always believed she would be married before she had a baby, so even though she loves her son, she is probably sad that she is a single mom.

Now enters the highest paid supermodel in the world... Gisele Bunchen. Victoria's Secret model and the focus of many boys' wet dreams, Gisele started dating Tom in late 2006. Now, if you look at the dates, you can see why there might be some crazy jealousy and hard feelings built into the situation... seeing that Bridget became pregnant around December 2006, and at the same time, he started dating Gisele around then and broke up with Bridget. Either he cheated on her or he dumped her right after he was still sleeping with her. Sad any way you look at it, really. Well, except for Tom and Gisele I guess, who are happy.

Tom and Bridget's baby boy was born in August of 2007, and is now about a year and a half old. There has been a lot of press surrounding their family situation since Tom and Gisele were recently married. Here's where the controversy comes in.

Gisele did an interview with Vanity Fair in which she says that she considers John Edward to be her very own son. She said that she felt he was her son from the minute he was born. Also, she has been extensively photographed holding the child, causing some people to accuse her of using him as a fashion prop.

On forums and around the web, people have been lashing out at Gisele for these comments, saying things like, "BITCH, you will NEVER be his mother." Are you kidding me people!! In what universe are we actually getting angry at a woman who says that she considers her step-son as close to her as if he were her very own child? Maybe some people are taking her comments to mean more as if she is saying Bridget is not as good a mother as Gisele, but I don't take it that way at all. I think she is saying she loves her step-son like he was her own baby, and even though she is not biologically his mother, she will still be a great step-mother to him.

I think overall, we have a tendency to feel bad for the single mother since she is the one having to be alone and still raise her ex-boyfriend's child when he is happily running off and marrying another woman. And not just any woman... the highest paid and most successful supermodel in the world. Especially when you take into consideration that people say Gisele "stole" Tom from Bridget and that he cheated in order to be with Gisele. I understand some harsh feelings there. However, all those things being said, there is a situation here where a little boy has not 2, but 3 very famous parents. He is going to be in the spotlight his entire life I'm sure. Regardless of how his parents got to where they are, don't we want all 3 of them to love him as if he were their very own child?

I think it's wonderful that Gisele can say that about her step-son. It's a much better sentiment than something like, "I hate Bridget's brat, and he's not welcome in my home." And if you think there are no stepmothers out there who say shit like that, you need to take another look around you.

Any thoughts?


tcurry April 7, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

amen amen amen, more women in the world need to have that attitude, men as well, hell for that matter so do the g-parents involved, just b/c a relationship doesnt work, its NOT the childs fault how stupid the parents are, and personally i feel if you cant love the child like they are your own, you DO NO NEED TO BE A STEPPARENT, as soon as someone says i have a child run the other way!!! (that is coming form the product of a blended family )

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