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Hand Made Crafts - To Try or Not To Try?

For a very long time, I have wanted to try making some hand-made crafts and selling them at flea markets, on ebay, and at craft fairs. From beaded jewelry to handmade cards to personalized picture frames, I love to paint and create cute things. I just do.

A while back, somewhere on this blog, I posted a picture of a craft table that G and I made for me in the third bedroom of our house. Since that room is also where my closet is, the craft table/desk has ended up being more of a catch-all clothing sorter. Translation: It's a mess. I haven't been using it for crafting. I've been using it for putting clothes and books on. But today all that is gonna change.

G and I have been looking for different ways to bring in some extra money for our wedding. These days everyone needs a little extra, so I think I am going to give hand-made crafts a chance. I don't want to invest too much money on supplies because I do realize that there is a very real possibility no one will buy anything. I have no idea what kind of havoc the bad economy is reaping on the flea market / ebay scene, especially when it comes to decorative items.

Of course, I'm thinking it's possible MORE people are going to flea markets and ebay these days looking for a good deal. Maybe my stuff will catch a few wandering eyes and entice them into buying something they never knew they needed, haha. A booth at the flea market costs $20 for the day. Plus, I'd need one table (to start out) to display everything on. Both of those things are upfront investments. I have a lot of crafting supplies, but nothing really in bulk, so I'd have to pick and choose items trying not to go crazy with the money spent upfront.

Some items I was thinking about making to sell are:

  • Picture frames like the one above sold on ebay.
  • Hand Painted clipboards
  • Decorated flower pots
  • Hand-made cards
  • Wall Panels with cute designs
  • Hanging Letters for the Wall
  • Bookmarks
and the list goes on. I think first, I would pick maybe two or three products and make several of them, but other than that just made one or two of everything else. THen, it would be a matter of trial and error. Go out to the flea market, see what catches people's eyes and see what sells. Whatever sells out consistently, go home make more and bring lots more next time. Whatever doesn't sell at the flea market could go up on ebay for sale. Anything else that doesn't sell can turn into gifts for friends and family.

The question I have is whether or not there's any money to be made on cutesy items like these considering the current state of the economy? Is it worth it to even give it a try? Or am I crazy for even thinking of spending the money to buy the supplies and everything I need? I don't know. I'm probably going to head out to some craft stores today to check out supply prices and see what seems feasible. Then, we'll probably head to the flea market again tomorrow to check out what's selling, how many people are out, etc. Any ideas or advice??


Anonymous April 10, 2009 at 9:53 AM  

You are living, breathing, cuteness. I'm sure you'll do well with this.

tonya April 10, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

ilove george!! lol yes there is also another website called etsy thats what they sell there, lots of cute shit go check it and see what you could sell on there, and i defintely say go for it !!!

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