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If it Isn't One Thing....

Why does it always seem that just when you get one part of your life on the right track, a different part falls to pieces? Some people would call it Murphy's Law. I don't really know what I'd call it... other than frustrating and completely unfair.

If you get your love life finally settled, you lose your job. You get a little bit of extra money, then you break a tooth and have to spend it all fixing the damn tooth. Those are both just random examples, of course, but it happens. Right? It happens to me anyway, so I'm assuming it happens to you too.

My particular issue these days isn't so much the things I can't control (like a broken tooth or a job or whatever), but rather the things I should be able to control. Let me elaborate. If I start concentrating on working out and I start losing weight, suddenly I realize that I've not gotten any writing done at all. Or if I'm writing a ton and really getting some great progress in, I look around me and notice that the laundry needs to be done and there are papers strewn all over the damn place. For some reason, I can't keep it all together at the same time. Aren't women supposed to be great at multi-tasking?? Maybe I'm missing that gene or something.

If I boil my life down to basic goals and responsibilities, here is what it comes down to:

  • Keeping my relationship healthy (and no, I'm not just talking about sex!)
  • Writing a novel
  • Working online to make extra money through adsense, odd jobs, etc.
  • Exercising to be healthy and lose weight
  • Cleaning the house
  • Creating crafts like baby bows and painted pots, etc. to sell online and at flea market
  • Reading books both about writing and by good authors to learn more about writing
Off the top of my head, those six things are the most important things in my life right now. I didn't mean to put them in any particular order, but they still came out roughly in the right order as far as my priorities.

If I try to think about getting all of those things done, I start to freak out. But if I try to concentrate on one thing at a time, I start to lose sight of the other things. I know that it's not impossible to do all of those things, because I look around and see other people that have it together (or at least they sure do seem like it). Is it a personality flaw with me then? Or am I just being lazy? How do I change?

Those are the questions running through my mind this morning. The only answer I can come up with for change is this: Don't give up. Keep trying to balance and manage time better. Keep learning more about how to do it right and how to be efficient. Do your best and by all means, STOP beating yourself up when you realize (everyday) that you aren't perfect.


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