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Obama's Historic Speech

Well, you have to step back from everything else and take a look at the fact that our country just nominated the first African American to a major party ticket in the race for President. That really is a huge deal, and Obama deserves some recognition for achieving that. I guess we are just ignoring the fact that his mother is white, right?

Last night, in his acceptance speech, Obama "touched on every single issue important to the American people." Isn't it funny how people say that about almost every politician they are supporting? Not to diss Obama, because he's just doing what everyone else does. The thing is, these politicians have analysts that do research and conduct polls and such and their job is to know what Joe Average American is concerned about. Then, they just make a laundry list and say they will save the world by "fixing" all of those things we need fixed. Honestly, anyone with charisma and enough money could stand up there and say, "I will end our country's dependence on oil, I will make sure there is affordable health care for every man woman and child, I will bring our troops home safely and end this war with Iraq with respect and dignity, I will lower taxes." What I would rather know is how the hell are you going to do all that? First of all, Congress has to be on board, because Presidents don't actually hold all of the power. Second of all, doing all that is basically impossible.

Doesn't everyone in politics make those same kind of promises? Isn't McCain also promising those sorts of things? How come they so rarely follow through? Well, because election is all they can think about. Obama's people want us to think that since he's black, he somehow understands the plight of the average American. And vice versa, because McCain is an older white guy, he is rich and out of touch. Wow, I didn't realize Obama was middle class. I wonder how he afforded to run for President. Are they honestly going to try to convince me that Obama is middle class and understands the average American? Let alone the average African American. /sigh. I wish the first black candidate could have been Colin Powell... now there's someone I would vote for. But I refuse to vote for Obama simply because he's black and it's a historical moment in our history. That's just my opinion.


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