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A Fun Weekend with My Friends

I had a wonderful weekend with my girl friends last weekend! I haven't seen them since B's wedding last October, and it was so good to spend a few days talking nonstop about what we have been up to since then. Of course, we email each other regularly, but that is not the same as actually sitting down together and sharing stories and talking face to face.

Kel couldn't hang out with us as much as I had hoped because she has a two year old that is difficult to put to sleep sometimes. Plus, she's pregnant and needs her sleep as well. B had her own room, but Kat and I slept in the same bed, which means that we stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning. It was so nice to have girlfriends to share my life with and to listen to. The second night, B stayed up with us and we talked until about 3 am. It was wonderful!

Kel's husband cooked for us a few times and it was amazing! They were both super sweet to us, paying for meals and cooking and sharing their house. It was really above and beyond what I expected, and it really touched my heart that they were such amazing hosts. The last night we were there, he made strawberry shortcake using angel food cake as the base, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. It was delicious!

Kat and Kel had to head to sleep early the very last night, due to early morning responsibilities. B and I stayed up pretty late, but got up early with Kat to take her to the airport. I, of course, went back to sleep for a bit when we got home, and when I got up, it was only me and B left. We went to lunch and talked just like no time had ever passed when we were apart. I really miss my college friends. We were all so different back then, and yet we really understand and love each other for who we were and who we have become. I miss them so much already.


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