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Half Ton Woman Kills Nephew

Well, if I've been in a bad mood this week, I need to just think about this lady and it should make me feel better. Her name is Mayra Rosales and she weighs half a ton. That's 1,000 pounds. I can't even fathom how someone gets to be that big! I mean, thyroid problems, sure... but if you take care of yourself, even someone with gland issues won't weigh anywhere near 1,000 pounds. That's just a crapload of eating and absolutely no exercise.

The woman has made the news recently because her two year old nephew, whom she was babysitting, suffered trauma to his head and died. Now, first of all, who the freak leaves their 2 year old with a half ton babysitter? The woman cannot leave her room because she doesn't fit through the door. How the heck can she be expected to watch a two year old and keep them in line? Apparently, she had some kind of object that she hit him with, or at least that's what the prosecution is saying.

The problem the court is facing in this case is that the woman cannot physically leave her house. To force her to go to the court room would be detrimental to her "health" and she definitely would not fit into any jail. Of course, someone who weighs 1,000 pounds can't really be that concerned about her health. Her defense attorney is saying that she is just physically too big and too immobile to have hit her nephew. The boy's mother claims that she believes her obese sister might have accidentally rolled over onto the toddler, crushing him, and that it was unintentional. I don't know what the truth is or what will end up happening in this case, but there is an obvious lesson to be learned here. NEVER LET A 1,000 POUND WOMAN BABYSIT YOUR KID.


Mandy August 27, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

What in the world?? Like you said, 1st how did she get so FAT and why in the world would you leave your 2 years with her, come on people!!!

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