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John Edwards And His Affair

When you marry a career politician, I guess you come to expect certain things. Like lies, for one. I would venture to say that a large majority of politicians lie to get where they want to be, and I think most of America would agree with that statement. However, it's also possible that the women who marry these men in politics are suckers for the lies, just like the public that vote for him. (Yes, I know there are female politicians too, but for today's purposes, I'm just talking about male politicians.)

John Edwards is definitely a career politician. He was a lawyer, then served a term as a Senator here in North Carolina. In 2004, he "retired" from the Senate and was named the Vice President running mate of John Kerry. He also was in the early race for the big seat in 2008 until the primaries, where he switched to supporting Obama (probably hoping for another VP appointment). Needless to say, Edwards is a politician with high goals.

Up until recently, he was also a highly respected politician. He's young and good looking, and he seems honest and forthright. I'm sure his wife believed all of those things as well. In October of 2007, certain tabloids started accusing him of having an affair with one of his campaign workers, which he denied, of course. I wonder how he handled that situations with Elizabeth. I can imagine him telling her, "Don't worry, my love. Those magazines will say anything to sell a few extra copies. I love you, I would never do anything to hurt you." Blah Blah Blah. In July 2008, he came forward in the press to deny the allegations, which some were saying seriously hurt his campaign and hopes for the VP nod.

Edwards and his lies could only last so long, however, and earlier this month, he came forward in a TV interview to admit his affair. The woman, Rielle Hunter, had indeed worked on his campaign and had since had a baby girl, which many were saying was Edwards' child. In his admission to the affair, he made sure to say that he was NOT the father of the child and was willing to take a paternity test. Ms. Hunter, however, adamantly refused to allow a test (how convenient for him) "now or in the future". Also, another campaign worker, Andrew Young, admitted to being the child's father. Wow, it's amazing how things just fall into place when influential people need them to.

Now, on the cover of several magazines, Elizabeth Edwards is the strong martyr. She's the woman who has stood by her man and will do anything to keep her family together. She is a poster child for forgiveness and we are all told to look up to her and hail her as the ideal family woman. I say bullshit. Sure, I feel sorry for her, just as I feel sympathy for any woman whose husband has cheated on them. However, I refuse to champion her decision to stay with him and fight to keep them together. She should be leaving his ass, and teaching every woman in this country who has a lying cheating husband that they don't have to live like that.

I imagine most politician's wives learn to expect scandal and lies, and they probably had to make up their minds about whether to stay or leave a long time ago. Hilary Clinton was not about to leave Bill for his indiscretions. She was getting too much out of the marriage (and I don't mean sexually). Maybe Elizabeth Edwards enjoys being in the limelight. Maybe she loves being a politician's wife. Or perhaps she's just scared of starting over when she's got cancer. I just wish, for once, that a spurned politician's wife would come out in People magazine and say, "Fuck him. I gave him all the love and support he needed and he betrayed me. He will betray you too, if you ever vote for him." Now that, I would champion.


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