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LeRoi Moore is Gone

I am almost in shock, I think. I can't believe that he is gone. Dave Matthews Band's amazing Saxophone player died yesterday. LeRoi Moore was a founding member of the band and played more than just the Saxophone. He also played the flute, the clarinet,, and all range of saxophones from bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano sax. LeRoi was also a big contributor to the arrangement of many of DMB's songs such as "Stay." He was one of the great musicians of our time, and I am sad to see him go.

In a concert in LA last night, Dave told the crowd, "We all some bad news today. Our good friend LeRoi moore passed on and gave his ghost up today and we will miss him forever." Later in the concert he also said, "It's easier to leave than to be left." I honestly don't know how Dave had the strength to keep performing after losing such a great friend. I guess for him, music is the easiest way to let out his emotions. Dave and LeRoi had been together since 1991 when Dave convinced LeRoi to give up his weekly jazz performances to play with him. Dave at the time was just a bartender at the club where LeRoi played. I always thought it was funny to read about how LeRoi was not that impressed with Dave's musical skills at first, but ultimately decided to take a risk and join him. It was definitely the right choice.

LeRoi Moore made woodwinds a part of a rock band, which is something most bands just don't have. His saxophone rifts and flute melodies are vital to DMB's songs, putting the woodwinds at the forefront of the song in so many cases. He could play almost any style from jazz to funk to classical, and his ability to change styles quickly and effortlessly was one of his greatest talents. He was one of the more private and quiet members of the band, prefering, it seemed, to play rather than speak.

I had the pleasure of going to see DMB in early July, but I missed getting to see LeRoi play. The concert was just days after LeRoi was hurt in an ATV accident. Jeff Coffin, who plays with Bela Fleck, was in place to substitute for Moore. Our whole crowd was shouting "LeRoi, LeRoi, LeRoi" and Dave said that he would pass on the good wishes to his dear friend. I had no idea that his accident was so serious. Apparently, he was released from the hospital to begin intensive physical therapy at home, but then was readmitted due to "complications." He was only 46 years old.

One of my favorite songs by DMB is "Say Goodbye" and the versions I love the best are where LeRoi adds his beautiful, graceful flute. Sure, the Tim Reynolds versions are good, but nothing compares to that flute part. LeRoi Moore had a gift. And like it says in the song "Stay" that he co-wrote with Dave, "I shall miss these things, When it all rolls by." LeRoi, you will be missed.


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