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Whitney wins America's Next Top Model!

Well, I never thought the day would come when a "Full-Figured" model would win ANTM, but tonight Whitney proved me wrong. Going up against Anya in the final 2 was no easy challenge, but it was Whitney's runway ownage that won her the title. Honestly, I'm just glad to see anyone but Dominique win this season. And okay, if I'm confessing, I was glad when Fatima got sent home #3. Whitney, to me, was always the prettiest of all the girls as far as her average every day looks. Her attitude was also fun to watch. She was always very confident and let's face it, a bit of a bitch.

Anya was equally as deserving of a win, but she just didn't quite pull it together in the final days of the competition. Her runway was stilted and lacked confidence and style. Her final Cover Girl picture was not nearly as pretty as it could have been either. I think she will definitely be a great model, though, and I hope she continues and gets a big modeling contract out of this.

I am always so sad to see a season end. With Survivor ending last Sunday, and American Idol's Finale looming next week, how will I satisfy my reality tv obsession? "So You Think You Can Dance" begins May 22nd, so I probably will channel my energies there. I have watched the audition process on that show before, but have never stuck with it the whole way through. I'm dying for a new season of The Amazing Race, so hopefully that will start up again here soon.

I thought this season of America's Next Top Model was pretty good and that overall, the girls were so much more talented than in some previous season. I also think that Whitney will do a great job (hey, anyone is better than Jaslene right?). It's just refreshing to see a size 10 girl win a modeling competition! Size 2 is the average size of a model doing runway, which is no surprise really. I just think that once you take into consideration that probably 75% of the women who read fashion magazines are more on the size 10 side of it than the 2's, we should all be looking to women like Whitney as role models.


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