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Parvati Wins Survivor

Wow, I am actually sad that this Season of Survivor is over. It was, hands down, the very best season I have ever watched. A lot of people are saying the only one that was better was Season 1, and only better because back then it was all so new. I have not ever seen the first season of Survivor, I will admit, but I have seen most of them since. Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites was the best, and now it is over. :(

Last night's finale was fantastic! The whole night there were storms coming through the area and I was just praying that we wouldn't lose power! Final four going into last night was Parvati, Amanda, Cirie and Natalie. Out of all of those, I wanted Natalie to go first, and go she did. Amanda won immunity and Nat was voted out. I was nervous for a bit that they would vote out Cirie, and since Cirie was my episode one pick to win, I wanted to see it all the way through. Cirie did not win, though. For the past several seasons of Survivor, they have had a final 3, instead of a final 2, so I just had assumed this season would be the same. Not true.

This season they decided to narrow it down to a final 2 like Survivor pre-Exile Island. Cirie was next to go, leaving only Amanda and Parvati. To tell you the truth, I was a bit shocked at the final votes. Three votes Amanda, three votes Parvati, two votes left. Parvati. So, with one vote left, it was either Parvati wins or there would be a tie. I wondered for a moment what they would do if there was a tie, but I didn't have long to ponder it because Jeff read the final vote... Parvati wins. I wasn't expecting that, although she did play an amazing game.

I love watching Reality tv, but I very rarely can predict a winner. It's just not a talent that I have. I was just proud of myself for choosing Cirie and ending up 3rd. Even when it was down to the final 2, I couldn't predict the winner. I'm not sure why Amanda didn't win, honestly. Maybe the jury felt that she was fake or else they thought she was lying while Parvati was putting herself out there and telling all the gory details of how she played. Maybe they thought that she was not as strategic as Parvati, who knows. I personally think that Amanda lost the million right at the last two tribal councils. I mean, she CRIED about having to vote out Cirie, saying it was a difficult thing to do. Meanwhile, everyone on the jury was thinking "You're final 2, you made it! Why the hell are you crying??" Then, her final statement to the jury was basically just "Thanks for getting me where I am now." Bad bad bad. She should have outlined how her decisions and gameplay changed the game or how she was a tough strategic and physical player throughout the game. She should have said that she was the best. Oh well.

I was very happy to see that James won the $100,000 Sprint giveaway for player of the season. He was probably my absolute favorite for two seasons running. He just has the best conversations and says the greatest things. No matter what, James is always honest and true to himself. He's the kind of guy I wish I knew and I think I would be friends with.

Well, time to head off to work out this morning, but I had to write something up on Survivor since it has been a part of my Thursday nights for months. I am sad that it is over, but a "job well done" to this season's cast. You guys rocked. Good job Parvati and congratulations. You definitely deserved to win.


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