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Ereaders Just Keep Getting Cheaper

It amazes me that some people are still in denial about the future of books. People who continue to cling to the idea that paper books will dominate publishing for many years to come should open their eyes and take a quick look around them. Evidence of the ebook revolution is everywhere. And it's happening even faster than I ever dreamed.

Today, for example, I was perusing the Sunday fliers from the paper. I was looking at the CVS flier and thinking about possibly going to buy some Easter candy when I noticed an ad for an ereader called the LookBook for only $49. The LookBook comes with a 7 inch full color LCD screen, has wireless capability, and comes with 150 free books. I couldn't believe it! Only $49??

Okay, so it might not be the best ereader on the planet, but it's CHEAP. When I looked up reviews online, the LookBook doesn't come out a winner. It has a small battery life and doesn't seem to be user friendly when it comes to adding your own books unless you use their wireless online store. On the other hand, it's only $50. And for that price, I'm betting a lot of people will casually pick one up and give it a try.

Another announcement this week says that Staples will begin carrying the Nook Color starting May 1. They already carry the Kindle at Staples now, and BestBuy carries several different ereader types. Oh, and also the Kindle just announced a $114 ad-supported version. My husband picked up a Kobo reader at a closing Borders store for only $59 on sale. Ereaders are everywhere. And if they are already at places like CVS, it's only a matter of time before they are on the shelves at the grocery store and convenience stores. Dollar General. Everywhere.

The ereaders are just sitting there with their low price tags. Begging people to pick them up and try them. Eventually, their persistence will wear down even the most devoted paperback fan.

With the prices of ereaders getting lower and lower, I have to ask - how long will people really be willing to pay $10 or more for each ebook? I mean, if you can get an ereader with 150 free books for only $49, shouldn't you be able to buy at least 10 books for that same price? I believe readers will become less tolerant of the high prices legacy publishers put on their books. But a $.99 book? That's easy. A reader will happily pick up a book for $.99 if it looks interesting. And if it's an author they already like and trust? Paying $3-5 won't be a problem. $10 books, on the other hand, are harder to afford and I believe readers will become hesitant to spend that much on a single book unless it's by their very favorite author.

If it's this easy for me to see what is happening, why is it so difficult for legacy publishers to see it? And if they are seeing it, why aren't they making some changes? It's an interesting question. As ereaders become more ubiquitous, ebooks will naturally become the dominant format for reading. The bottom line here is that I feel I published in ebook at just the right time. I'm excited about the future, and I can't wait to see what happens moving forward.


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