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When I was younger, I used to sleepwalk. I don't think it was ever really a nightly kind of thing. At least I hope not. How in the world I managed those stairs without ever falling, I'll never know. (Okay, so I did fall down them several times, just not while I was sleepwalking.) I didn't want to believe my family when they first told me I was sleep walking. I thought my sister was just making fun of me. But one particularly memorable morning, I came down and Mom and K were laughing at me. I asked what was up and they told me how I was sleeping walking the night before. They said they were all watching TV when I came down the stairs, stood in the room and said some kind of mumbo jumbo, then walked into the kitchen, got a wine glass out of the cabinet and put it in the freezer. (Apparently, I was big on putting things in the fridge and taking things in and out of cabinets.)

When I didn't believe them, Mom said, "Look in the freezer, then." Sure enough, when I opened the freezer, there was a wine glass, all frosted and cold looking. Definitely not a glass that had just been placed there, so if they were playing a joke, it was something they'd been planning for a while. That was the first time I really believed them. Then, I also remember one night when Dad woke up and grabbed me as I stood at the top of the stairs. I remember waking up, disoriented and scared. He had heard me walking around and thought I was going to fall down the stairs, so he grabbed me. That's when I knew for sure that I had been sleepwalking. At least a little.

Well, I think it might be happening again. I have this Jenny Craig Maple Nut Cereal that belongs in the cabinet with all the other non-refrigerated Jenny food. Every week when I come home from my consultation, I put the non-perishables in that same cabinet, all together. A few days ago, I opened up the fridge to find that the cereal was on the top shelf of the fridge. I moved it back to the cabinet, confused as to why I would have put it in the wrong place. Then, this morning, my day to actually eat the cereal, it wasn't there yet again. Instead, I found it in a completely different cabinet, by the sugar. I am positive that I didn't put it there on purpose when I moved it the other day.

It makes me wonder if I'm sleepwalking some nights. Is that part of why I feel so tired some days despite my seven or eight hours of sleep? Is sleepwalking dangerous? I hope not. G said he might set up a webcam and try to catch it on tape or rig it to make a loud noise if there's movement. I'll keep you updated on any experiments :p.


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