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Russell Hantz: Best Survivor Villain of all Time?

Well, last night's Survivor Finale was a huge disappointment. Heroes vs. Villains was truly one of the best seasons out of the past 20 Survivor Seasons, and I so wanted Russell or Parvati to win. It's funny because all I've told my sister about it for the past couple months is that I'll be happy if anyone but Sandra wins. And of course... Sandra won!

Last night on the live broadcast, Jeff asked her whether being the first ever to win two seasons makes her the best Survivor ever and she said yes. I beg to differ here. Sure, she won two times, but I think part of that means she is the luckiest Survivor. She certainly wasn't the best physical player and she really didn't do a very good job on the strategy. She just happened to make sure that she pissed people off less than anyone else.

In my opinion, Parvati is the best Survivor ever to play the game. Not only does she have an All-star win under her belt, she made it to the final 3 in one of the toughest seasons ever, and she's played the most days of anyone in the game... Jeff said something like 114 days? Insane. And I love to watch Parvati. I would watch her on every season if I could. She is just so damn cute and her personality is so incredibly likable. I think she reads people really well and makes good alliances. She's also a huge physical competitor, winning the second most individual immunities in the history of the game.

But the third finalist is also one of my favorites ever to play the game. Russell Hantz. Definitely a villain. But oh so fun to watch. I picked him to win at the beginning of the season, but sadly, he didn't receive a single vote. I had a feeling that might happen going into the finale last night. Too many people on the jury hated him so much for the way he played the game. In Russell's eyes, I think he believed they would respect him for being able to make it all the way through the game the way he did - clawing and fighting his way through. Instead, they resented him for changing the game. They hated him for telling lie after lie and making people trust him only to have him stomp on their hearts. Personally, I think Russell is a mastermind. He has the uncanny ability to know exactly what he needs to do or say in order for people to act the way he wants them to. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough finesse to pull it off without pissing them off first, haha. I was very happy that he won the Sprint player of the season award. Between him and Parvati, they made it one of the most fun seasons of Survivor to watch ever (second only to Fans vs. Favorites, which Parvati won).

Next fall they will be in Nicaragua with a whole new set of Survivors. Changes I hope to see this time? I think it's time for the immunity idols to be gone from the game for a while. They influence things too much. It's time for them to switch that out for some new game play.


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