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LOST FInale Rocked

Last night's LOST series finale was brilliant. Yes, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but what would be the fun in being spoonfed the answers? Part of the legacy of the show is the debate and the questions. I personally feel that they cleared up enough to make me satisfied. I also cried like a baby just about the whole episode. For a television show to be able to make me feel emotions like that, bravo to both the writers and the actors.

For one, the 'heart of the island' is a light that is the 'light within every man'. In a way, it is the spark and beauty of the good in all of us. Definitely a religious theme. The man in black has tried to put out this light for years in an effort to get off the island. In the form of John Locke, the man in black's spirit actually does convince Desmond to put out the light - but all this does is make it possible for the new Jacob (which is Jack) to finally kill him. Then, Jack has to save the island by saving the light. He sacrifices himself for that.

Then, after he dies, laying in the bamboo forrest just as he did when the plane first crashed, he goes to a purgatory (the Sideways flashes). There, he meets up and remembers his life with those who meant the most to him. Their souls gather there and reflect on the impact that they had and the life that they lived together on the island. Once they have all remembered, forgiven each other, and seen and held those that they loved the most, they are led into the light so they can 'move on'.

From comments around the internet, it looks like so many people didn't understand the finale. Some people took the ending to mean that everyone died on the initial plane crash and the island was some kind of purgatory. That's NOT what happened. Christian tells Jack, "What happened, happened." It was all real. In the end, Jack died, but as he died, he saw the Ajira airlines flight take off. That means that Miles, the pilot, Kate, Sawyer and Claire and Richard all got off the island and went on to live out their lives. Hurley became the new protector of the island, immortal for a long time, possibly centuries, while Ben became his 2nd in command, just like Richard was for Jacob. (I'd like to think Desmond got better and ended up taking the boat back to his family) Everyone who died on the island, like Jin, Sun, Alex, etc. They all really died. And everyone's souls created this purgatory sideways where they could meet up and recognize each other so they could find forgiveness and love before moving on. That's my take on the finale. Anyone out there want to disagree, I'm happy to listen to comments, but I feel very satisfied with this ending.

It just frustrates me to hear people say it was a crappy ending because "they were dead the whole time." Of course, I guess you have the freedom to take the finale however you want. It's not the most important issue in the world. I just encourage you to watch it again if that's what you think happened. I got something totally different out of it, myself. Well done writers, I say. And truly some of the best acting television has ever seen. What an amazing show that really created a whole new way you can present a TV show. It was truly epic, and I will miss it.


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