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Book 14: The Castaways

My 14th book of the year. And it made me cry. This is also the first thing I've ever read by Elin Hildebrand. I really enjoyed this novel. The reason I picked it up was because a reader on a random forum recommended it for seeing how an author uses multiple points of view. I am so happy that I discovered this author!

Here's the basic story: A group of 4 couples are best friends on the island of Nantucket. They name themselves the Castaways and do everything together - vacations, celebrations, etc. But then one day, while celebrating their twelfth wedding anniversary, one of the couples, Greg and Tess MacAvoy drown when their sailboat capsizes. The novel is about how each of the remaining six friends (told from each of their points of view) deal with this tragic loss. Weaved throughout the novel is also the mystery of what really happened. Everyone has their own secrets. Affairs, pills, fears, etc. And everyone blames themselves for Tess and Greg's deaths. What makes this novel particularly heartbreaking is that the couple also left behind their seven year old twins - with no will stating who should take them in case of their death.

I definitely enjoyed this novel. Hildebrand's use of multiple viewpoints was captivating. It let me feel as if I really got to know each of the six main characters inside and out. Like I was seeing all of their secrets. I sympathized with each of them, as each character was flawed, yet beautiful. I think you'll like this book if you're looking for a more introspective, narrative book that explores people's thoughts and grief after a tragedy. However, don't expect an action-packed thriller or mystery here. While there are hints of mystery and questions about what happened, the main story focuses on the people and how they handle the death of their two best friends.


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