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Book 5: Shutter Island

I notoriously have several books going at once, but sometimes that is the mark of a so-so book. If I can read three other books while I'm also reading yours, maybe yours just isn't the best book I ever read. On the other hand, sometimes it means that I'm just not in the right mood for that particular book. Such seems to be the case with "The Gunslinger". My sister bought G and I the entire Dark Tower series, and I started to read the first book, but I just haven't really been in the mood. Maybe I just got my fill of King with "Under the Dome" and need a short break.

Either way, my official book 5 of the year turned out to be Dennis LeHane's "Shutter Island". Oh. My. God. What an amazing book! I really wanted to read it before I saw the movie because everyone keeps saying there are good twists. I wanted to experience the secrets of the story in the realm of words and my own imagination instead of on the theater screen, even though I'm sure Leo does a great job as Teddy Daniels.

So what is the book about? Without giving away any twists, I'll just tell you the basic premise. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, a war-torn widower who has never truly gotten over the death of his beautiful wife several years ago, is called out to investigate the escape of a violent inmate from Shutter Island's prison for the criminally insane. The patient, Rachel Solando, seems to have simply disappeared into thin air. It doesn't take long for Teddy and his partner, Chuck, to begin doubting the honesty of the people in charge at Ashecroft prison.

The book is both a mystery and horror. A psychological thriller that will leave you guessing until the end. The writing is exquisite. It drew me in straight from page one and had me hooked until the very last word. It even left chills on my skin with the last two pages. It's a short read (I just started the book Tuesday night and finished Wednesday afternoon), but oh so worth it.

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